Conservation Rooflights - FAQs

Conservation Rooflights - FAQsQ. How do your rooflights compare to competitors?

A. The Clement Conservation Rooflight is superior in every way:

  1. Our rooflight has stunning looks, adding to the character of your home both internally and externally.
  2. Available in different profiles to suit your roof type, thus achieving a perfectly flush finish.
  3. Unbeatable performance – double-glazed argon filled glass unit with integral weather stripping as standard.
  4. Handmade to ISO 9001 As a family firm we have been working with steel and glass for almost 100 years!
  5. Self cleaning glass is supplied as standard.

Q. Who can install my rooflight?

A. The CLEMENT Conservation rooflight is a supply only product. Installing any rooflight is a specialist job so it is important for you to consult a chartered builder or surveyor before undertaking the project. Detailed installation instructions come with every rooflight. We can not recommend installers, however here are individuals who have experience of installing our products:

Andrew Booton Midlands. Tel: 07887 714134
A&J Building/Roofing – South East. Tel: 01428 604658

Q. Will I need a flashing kit?

A. We would always suggest you consult your roofer as every roof is different. As a general guide we recommend you use a Code 5 lead flashing for bottom apron, Code 3 for the top apron and lead soakers.

Q. What about condensation?

A. Condensation is possible but very unlikely with the thermal efficiency of the argon gas filled double glazed units of the CLEMENT conservation rooflight combined with the thermal shield and thermally broken ‘T’ glazing bar, which comes as standard. Please ensure that the entire fitting is in accordance with our installation instructions and Part F of the Building Regulations.

Q. What roof pitches are your rooflights suitable for?

A. Our rooflights have been tested between 30 and 70 degrees. If your roof pitch does not come into this category please ring us and we will advise you on the best option. If you wish we can do a simple drawing for you showing the detail.

Q. Can you rooflights be installed next to each other?

A. Yes as long as you have supporting rafters our rooflights can bepositioned right next to each other.

Q. I have a slate roof, does my rooflight need to be different?

A. Yes, that is why our rooflight range is perfect for you. We have a rooflight designed specifically for a slate roof type to ensure a flush finish. We also have tile and zinc roof profiles, pleasing Conservation Officers throughout the country!

Q. How can I buy the highest performing and best looking rooflight at a great price?

A. Ring now on 01428 643393 and speak to us direct. We pride ourselves on fantastic product knowledge and great customer service. We are here to help you, call today.

Q. Can I install your Rooflights in a maritime environment ?

A. NO, we do not recommend these rooflights for maritime environments (as a guide within 5 miles of the coast). If in doubt please contact us.

Taking care of your Rooflight

Open and shut the rooflight, clean down the paint surface at least twice a year (polluted or marine environments will require more intensive maintenance) using warm water with a drop of washing up liquid. Keep the weatherstripping clean removing any grime, ensure the working parts remain dust free and regularly lubricated. If you plan to install the rooflight in a marine environment, please contact us on 01428 643393


We offer a 10 year warranty on the paint surface, 5 years for glass unit failure and 1 year fittings. In the event of any problem please contact us within 48 hours. All subject to our terms and conditions which you should read thoroughly. Copy available upon request or see the website.

For our Terms and Conditions please click here.

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