The Benefits of Steel

The Benefits of Steel

Clement Conservation Rooflights are manufactured from steel, which is the perfect choice for fenestration products because it offers the following benefits:

Strength and security

Steel is the strongest material on the market for rooflights products. Clement’s robust, welded steel frames last a lifetime and indeed will outlive the buildings they are fitted into.

Longevity and low maintenance

Longevity is achieved by coating the surface of all our rooflights in polyzinc and polyester powder paint. Self-cleaning glass means it is easy to keep the units clear of dirt and grime. With a ten year warranty, Clement products are made to last and will look beautiful for many years to come.

Versatility and elegant sightlines

The strength of steel as a material means Clement Conservation Rooflights benefit from elegant, slim frames which are just not possible with other materials. Using slim frames provides the largest glazed area in order to let in the maximum amount of light

High thermal performance

By using the very best glass and the highest functioning weatherproofing techniques, we are able to bring you thermal performance usually reserved for modern building products. Our rooflights have recently achieved a Grade ‘A’ Window Energy Rating and outstanding test results for air, wind and rain.


Steel is the most environmentally friendly building material and can be used repeatedly without ever losing its qualities – meaning it can be recycled again and again. All Clement Conservation Rooflights are made from steel, making them the ‘green’ window of choice.