The Range

The Clement Conservation Rooflight range was designed with traditional properties in mind.

The Clement Conservation Rooflight is a replica of a Victorian original and is regularly specified by Architects and Conservation Officers for Listed Buildings and heritage projects due to its good looks and great performance.

The advantage of the range is that each of the eight sizes is available in two profiles, one for thicker roofing types such as pantiles and the other for thinner materials like slate. This ensures that with as little effort as possible your rooflight will lie flush with the roof, achieving an even, level finish. Take a look at our Gallery page to see how these profiles suit other roofing types, such as zinc, shingle and thatch, just as successfully.

At Clement we manufacture our own rooflights which means we are able to offer them to you at a very competitive rate. We can also make custom sizes for your project, so if a standard size doesn’t fit, please get in touch with us for a bespoke quote.

Clement Rooflight slate view
Slate profile

Clement Rooflight tile profile
Tile profile

Clement Rooflight internal view
Internal view

Each rooflight requires an opening mechanism. The various options are set out below:

Hand winders

Hand winders are suitable for easy to reach rooflights. Standard winders are 300mm long when fully extended or alternatively a shorter 150mm winder can be purchased. Both are available in either a brass or chrome finish to suit your interior.

Chrome hand winder
Chrome hand winder

Pole winders & winding cranks

When a rooflight is out of reach we recommend a 300mm long pole winder and winding crank. Winding cranks are sold in lengths of 1m or a telescopic 3m. Pole winders are also available in a brass or chrome finish.

Brass pole winder
Brass pole winder

Electrical openers

Electrical openers are also available for our rooflights. Please contact us for a tailor-made quotation for your individual requirements.